1. Come Back

From the recording String of Pearls

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Come Back

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I'll sell off all my gadgets
and trade them in for wine
Empty empty everything
We're running out of time
I’ll throw my books into the fire
To share its blessed heat
I’ll give up all my carbs, just let me
have a little meat

I spun into a spiral
with a tablet and its news
Sensationalist crap intended
to the heart confuse
Eroded by a sickening tale
That crushes to despair
The sun still warms the flowers
yet I cannot feel the air

Come back! Oh go away
Come back! It's best to stay
This little life we build
I do not want to stray
Come back!
Oh go away (we’ll find a way!)
Come back come back!

The mugshot of the perpetrator
branded on my brain
A vision of his actions
Ignitions of its pain
Consumption is consuming me
I have to turn it off
and with it tiny house dreams
and the meme inspiring trough

Teetering with teacups
Too many on the tray
In morning mist a dinosaur
has knocked them down to play
Pick up the little pieces
Add them to the wall
Calm now start unveiling
It's time to make the call

Come BACK...!

Everything at fingertips
with every feed the brain trips
A day is such a loaded thing
but chasing it would only bring
Another and another day
of churning minds that leak and spray
Oh where am I? So far away
Come back! Come back!