1. Cannabin

From the recording String of Pearls

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Cannabin, Cannabin
Take me in oh take me in
We made it past the Zollverein
So kiss my cheeks oh cherubin

I've run away with Jacobin
We have a plan and we will win
But who will reign after the king
The tyrant and the guillotine

We were tired and we were thin
We followed that young Franciscan
His eyes were soft but oh the sins
Profane Illumination grins

Go ask Walter Benjamin
This rose my heart, these streets my kin
Ambrosia for my nuclein
Oh Cannabin oh Cannabin

Oh revolution now be won
On dewdrops drying in the sun
While we have foggy fire-lit fun
All vessels brimming deep crimson

And if the die-off comes again
We've cinnamon and soft mullein
We'll wear it in our beaks and then
We'll smooth the edge with Cannabin