1. Firewalker

From the recording Resilience

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What’s gonna make them turn around
It’s a crazy way to bring you down
Twisted brilliant killing toy
The shroud of fear I now destroy

I woke up from a war dream
It scraped away my numbness
All of us together
Struck into this dumbness

Oh what a way oh what a way oh what a way

The robot they are sending in
Scans the base of the building
Shoots around a line of flame
Don’t move don’t speak, just play the game

We closed our eyes for teargas
And glimpsed at the eternal
It fit between 2 heartbeats
White flickering, infernal

It’s an ancient right of passage
To walk through flames and make it
A pathway cleared by spirit
Fire is mine I’m going to take it

Oh what a way oh what a way oh what a way


© Annabelle Chvostek, 2007