From the recording Rise

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(This song is a response to the documentary film, Jesus Camp, directed by Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady)

Do you think you’re right?

You can’t really see him and you don’t really know him
But they’ll scare you with hell and it really gets you going
To blow, blow, blow up the bombs
Training for war with the children's psalms

You’re a kid now but wait ‘till you’re twenty,
The blood starts to boil and you need to make a penny
But you know, you know and that’s one over me,
My perilous questions won’t set you free

Do you think you’re right?

The blood, you want it spilt alright,
It eases the guilt with a might and a height
In the name of Jesus, I command thee
Relax into uncertainty

They handed the kid an electric box
You shoot and the enemy burns and drops
Cry, repent and fall on your knee,
Do what you’re told, when you’re dead you’re free

Do you think you’re right?

Upside down and inside out
Ideas and their deadly clout
Up work up and energize
And traumatize, delight, surprise

Come over here, there’s something I’ve glimpsed
Can’t tell you what but I am convinced
That death for glory is not how it goes
Love is calm as it grows and grows

Do you think you’re right?