1. Rise

From the recording Rise

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Tucked behind the tracks
And the textile factory
There's a grassy meadow
Spotted with some trees

We love and play and plant there
Old and young soak up the sun
But the railway corporation claims it
Profit used to justify the gun

Three circles in a circle have been planted
You can see them from the rooftops all around
They're a symbol that this space will stand protected
The lie of private property resound


This place was never anyone's to buy
Never anyone's to sell
These laws are just the drone of the mosquito
Pricking at our will
If you tagged along these buildings
Who would you be?
What could you say to liberate a way to see?

I don't wanna be ruled no more
Shovel and paint can, heading out the door
and if they take me I'm still free
Rise, rise, dignity


Floating puffs of water
Clouds making love
The scent of sweetest grasses
Earth below and sky above