1. Fox Tail

From the recording Rise

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Fox carrion, side of the road
Raven feasting, I'm pulling over
Tail intact, oh fox tail
If I knew how to carve the whale
Then I'd know how to carve the hide
Put you in the back and ride

Fox came once to me before
On the top of a mountain by a little lake shore
Across the meadow we locked eyes
Curious, sharp and soft surprise
Grandmother come back, make me wise
I know it means something swift and alive
And If I'm fast then I'll survive

It's alright I'm gonna die too
And then I will be food for you
And if it's sad when I am gone
Then someone sing a pretty song
It's just the turning of the tide
To free my wings and bury my hide
So put me in the back and ride

Fox tail fly fox tail

My friend is dying at the home
I walk outside to ground and roam
A bird on the path, a squirrel on the road,
Life and death on overload
Will it hurt? I just don't know
But this is where the love will show
The mystery where we all go

Fox tail fly fox tail