1. Wait For It

From the recording Resilience

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Wake up, baby wake up
I can’t believe it
I’m awake before you
The sun is beaming in all bright
Oh God I might adore you
There’s a place you showed me
Last night behind the barn
Balanced on the timber
We took it pretty far
This is it, your winning smile
The country air, our city style
The two of us move single file
Then come together for a shotgun mile
Our friends are all a singing
They know what’s going on
Did you ever think that we could wait for it
Wait for it
Wait for it
Wait for it this long
We’re bitter and promiscuous
At least that’s what we said
Those lovers plans, they bubble up
And I’m happily mislead
One step, two steps
My boots are black, the mud is red
Won’t you haul it up and dance with me
And I’ll get out of my head

© Annabelle Chvostek, 2007