1. Seven Years

From the recording Resilience

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Will seven days of crying
Cure these seven years of loving
That I’ve thrown out to the wild
Fly, fly sweet child
You held on so strong
Now it’s me who’s lost but I’m coming along
Flowers bloom in winter
As the waves of Devon offer a song
Oh, Empty as the wind
Empty as the wind
Fill me up again
Oh my light
I was tired from the fight
Jumped the last train outta there
And severed with a bite
Oh my one
Sparkling waters from the sun
Jumped the last boat outta there
And now I’m on the run
Seven days ain’t nothin’ but a
Wish upon a moment
With the bottom dropping endless
Past the chapter of our torment
What held us fast and steady
Was the sweetness of devotion
You dressed me up for living
Now I got my lonely forward motion
Oh, empty as the wind
Empty as the wind
Fill me up again

© Annabelle Chvostek, 2005