1. Resilience

From the recording Resilience

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Ah, the resilience of a heart
Bash it to bits, a fresh new start
All the shattered pieces snap back together
Hold it in your hands, it’s soft as kid leather
Hold it in your hands
This crush in my body tastes of salt water and blood
The one who tugs the hardest, is the hardest to love
But that’s just it, it’s how it is
I’ll throw it if you catch it, I got lots more to give
I’ll throw it if you catch it
Hey hey whatcha doin’ today?
There’s a moth in my belly and a froth in my head
Hey hey whatcha doin’ today?
Hey hey hey hey
You want it raw, you got it raw
Sink this flesh between your teeth
River of lava, head to feet
I am here for you to meet
I am here

© Annabelle Chvostek, 2007