The Launch

I am so excited to finally release this new album!  It’s been a very slow ferment, years in the making.  It includes songs new and old, songs that sound old, songs that grew from seeds I’d saved for decades, songs that evolved out of deep collaboration, songs that spontaneously ignited and songs that came because I made a commitment to sit and write songs.  The process of bringing them to you with these musicians, these productions, and these arrangements has been a journeying, meticulous, challenging and incredibly satisfying process.   I have felt so supported, so connected, and so free, able to explore such fine details with the support of FACTOR, Canada Council for the Arts and Toronto Arts Council.  Making this record has been about participating in an expansive creative team, buoyed by the excitement and energy of producers/directors/artists - Fernando Rosa, Ximena Griscti, David Travers-Smith, Carlos Coronado, Magui Mieres, Denise Fujiwara and so many more – musicians, dancers, actors, engineers.  Through them, all ideas exponentially accelerated.  Dreams became realities. Imagery exploded. So many worlds opened up. I am grateful for this opportunity, to make something of such scope, to start with songs and end up with a full interdisciplinary kaleidoscope of cross-continental expression and myriad creative connections that continue to expand.

Photo: Heather Pollock         Artwork: Ximena Griscti

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